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The Design View Show is a weekly podcast by Andy Rutledge, examining design fundamentals, business, culture, and professionalism.

Show #6, November 18, 2007

Show Notes

This episode describes a sample project process from beginning to end.

Past Shows

Show #7

Improving your career prospects requires more than the tips and tricks you'll find in most website and magazine articles. This episode discusses 4 things you must do well in order to get more clients, better clients, and better projects.

Show #6

This episode examines describes a sample project process from beginning to end.

Show #5

This episode examines how our design career may or may not fit with our purpose in life, and how we might discover that purpose in order to become whole.

Show #4

Design constraints are a precious commodity in our work. We should cherish them, as they enable us to focus our efforts. This episode explains how to find important constraints and then how to use them.

Show #3

Too many designers have a victim mentality and shirk their professional responsibilities as related to, among other things, deadlines. This week I reexamine a current discussion going on in our community and describe a more responsible approach to deadlines.

Show #2

Design education should be centered around design, but these fundamentals are seldom taught in Web design programs and are hard to find reference to on the Web. This episode examines design education and addresses what the vast majority of listeners have asked about.

Show #1

Too often, designers are not allowed to design. And in every case it’s either the designer’s fault or the agency’s fault, never the client’s fault. Part of the reason for this is that we've allowed our profession to be stolen from us. It’s time to take back our profession.